Q Network has secured a pre-listing agreement with CoinBene.
The Q Token will be listed for trading in Q2 2019

You've been disconnected

Video conference calls where the voices jitter and the images break. An online game that freezes just as you’re going for the kill, only to find you’ve been killed.

Real-time applications require a stable and fast internet connection, yet frequently lag due to the long distances their data streams must travel between servers. Data centers are often located on a different continent.

Stronger Together

Q Network accelerates the performance of any existing or new real-time application. The global platform allows anyone to turn their laptops, phones and tablets into micro data-centers, laying the groundwork for a hyper-connected internet that is faster and steadier. Together, we can deliver the next generation of interactive applications.

Traditional Network

Three players in different cities are participating in an online gaming tournament. Without knowing it, they are each connected to the same server in a data center thousands of kilometers away. This can result in lag and delays.

Traditional Network

Q Network

Q Network allows users to turn their compute devices into micro data-centers. This "smart routing technology" brings data processing closer to end-users, trimming the distance their data must travel. Players now benefit from a seamless connection and a fully immersive user experience.

Q Network

How it works

Technology Stack
DAPP IconQ Node IconQ Net IconEthereum Icon


Enjoy real-time applications the way they are meant to be experienced, without delays.


Deliver latency-reduced services for consumers and rely on the capacity provided by Q Nodes.

Q Nodes

Contribute compute power to Q Network. Expands the network’s capacity for DAPPs.

Q Net

Leverages "smart routing technology" to direct data traffic more efficiently across Q Network.


Open-source blockchain upon which Q Net smart contracts are programmed and executed.

Consumer Icon

Q Token

The Q Token is an Ethereum ERC 20 utility token. This powers all transactions in the Q Network ecosystem.

Q Tokens incentivize users of Q Network to onboard their personal compute devices as Q Nodes, thereby monetizing their contribution. Q Nodes massively scale the network and improve its capacity.

Developers leverage Q Network’s unique capabilities to give their DAPPs superior real-time connections.

Consumers enjoy better user experiences on their favorite apps and games.

Q Token Ecosystem➯ Token Generation Event Details Available Upon Request

Q Network has secured a pre-listing agreement with CoinBene. The Q Token will be listed for trading in Q2 2019

The first delay-free DAPP

Swarmio is a tournament hosting platform powering the eSports ecosystem. For competitive gamers, split-second decisions are key, and a lag-free experience is crucial. As Q Network's first third party DAPP, Swarmio leverages superior connectivity to deliver higher quality eSports tournaments that all gamers demand.


Games played




Fans engaged

Become a Partner

Q Network boosts all real-time applications.


Online Gaming

Video Conferencing

Smart Cities

Home Connected Devices

Partners can build their own DAPPs atop Q Network or integrate existing applications to offer users immersive experiences with reduced network latency and jitter.

Do you want to boost real time connectivity for your product? Whether you build solutions for a major corporation, or are a budding entrepreneur, we want to talk to you.

Let’s work together to deliver the next generation of interactive applications.

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Stage 2

Minimum Viable Ecosystem

⦿  Q Node DAPP MVP and launched

⦿  Swarmio eSports DAPP tokenized and launched

⦿  Q Network Developer Program launched

Stage 3

Ecosystem Deployed Globally

⦿  Q Node DAPP SDK launched

Swarmio eSports DAPP expanded globally


Stage 4

Q Network Decentralized

⦿  Q Network further decentralized (architecture & governance)

Network of global telco partnerships expanded

Q Network Developer Program DAPPs released

Stage 1

Existing Distributed Network

⦿  Q Network latency optimization telecom platform deployed in over 24 data centers

⦿  Q Network currently being used and validated by the Swarmio eSports application

⦿  Partnered with Sri Lanka Telecom for IoT and eSports projects

< 12 months
< 24 months
< 18 months

The Team

Vijai Karthigesu



Founder & CEO

Sorin Stoian



Co-Founder & CTO

John Smith



EVP, Global Business Strategy

Aseef Khan



Head of Growth

J.R. McArthur



Infrastructure Architect

Senthil Ratnasabapathy



VP, People Operations

Anthony Kouroupis



Blockchain Architect

Joel Gallant



DevOps Manager

Shevrin Shirmohammadi



Director, Academic Research


Q Network is advised by the team and advisors of Jun Capital Partners. JUN proactively sources, screens and manages unique investment opportunities from the leading innovation ecosystems around the world. Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing crypto landscape, JUN's seasoned crypto team seeks out unique tokenization projects.

Andrew Ray



Board Member

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Thanh Nguyen



Founder, Verichains

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Founder, Bitkub

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